Pop up show #4

8/12/20221 min read

Defib Art are happy to be invited to Bibliotek-as and present the artist Ingrid Gustafsson´s pop-up show My Childish Heart.

My Childish Heart
For me, working with my hands is doing by both need and desire. It’s a distraction from intrusive thoughts and a fascination for the work growing in front of me. I repeat methods, motifs and patterns were my knitted and carved objects comments time, warmth, longing and absence. The past years I’ve been working around the theme of shroud garments, clothes that a person is buried in. I often think of my works as a continuation of a relationship that has ended because death came inbetween. Creating becomes a way of extending the relationship to those I have lost, a way of trying to say goodbye.
The love and questions gets converted into something practical, as a comfort or lullaby.

Welcome to Artemisgatan 30 A, August 20, at 4 pm - 8 pm

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