Pop up show #4

Defib Art are happy to be invited to Bibliotek-as and present the artist Ingrid Gustafsson´s pop-up show My Childish Heart.

My Childish Heart

For me, working with my hands is doing by both need and desire. It’s a distraction from intrusive thoughts and a fascination for the work growing in front of me. I repeat methods, motifs and patterns were my knitted and carved objects comments time, warmth, longing and absence.

The past years I’ve been working around the theme of shroud garments, clothes that a person is buried in. I often think of my works as a continuation of a relationship that has ended because death came inbetween. Creating becomes a way of extending the relationship to those I have lost, a way of trying to say goodbye.

The love and questions gets converted into something practical, as a comfort or lullaby.

Welcome to Artemisgatan 30 A, August 20, at 4 pm - 8 pm.

Pop up show #3

The third event of Defib Art contains the installation named Transpasser by artist
Jonas Gazell. Transpasser is a temporary installation along the roadside of Huddingevägen in Stockholm that will be on display from early dusk until nighttime at Kräpplavägen 13
on Oct 9, 2020
. The installation is visible at a distance of 125 meters under the illumination of vehicle headlights and can be experienced by car, bicycle or on foot. Transpassers uses time and space for the benefit of the materialistic properties of the artwork.

Jonas Gazell was born in 1979 in Stockholm and now live and work in Östra Ämtervik. During his adolescene, he frequently walked along the highway between Rågsved and Huddinge, then a relatively unexploited and unremarkable stretch surronded by noise barriers that obscured the horizon. With Defib Art as a platform, a part of Huddingevägen will now serve as an exhibition space.

Pop up show #2

The second event of Defib Art contains the performance Shout out Church by Anna Johansson, Stockholm-based artist. She will perform a march and call out various Google searches ranging from the private to the existential in Ekotemplet. On a sunny day, Hagaparken is a popular excursion destination for both city dwellers and tourists. During the 18th century, Gustav the Third built the Ekotemplet as he loved to eat outdoors. Nowadays, the temple is a popular attraction for tourists and weddings. Anna Johansson chose Ekotemplet for its unique acoustics that will enhance her performance. June 14 Anna will perform at Ekotemplet 3, 3:30 and 4 pm.

Pop up show #1

The premiere event of Defib Art, First Apparition by Daniel Torarp contains the first occurrence of the artist’s sculpture ARRIVAL II. Appearing with its imaginal limbs, suggesting transposition in a space particularly dependent on immobility. First Apparition enhances the artwork’s linkage to the formerly unacknowledged surrounding.

Daniel Torarp has for a long time noticed this space of his neighbourhood in Stockholm. A cubical shelter of an apartment block’s house foundation at Lillåvägen 30 in Bagarmossen. Peculiar with an undefined regular use, it will host mentioned sculpture during the afternoon of February 8, 2020. An unexpected visit in an architecturally unsurmised void. Splendid for an art defibrillator’s first strike.