Pop up show #3

10/1/20211 min read

The third event of Defib Art contains the installation named Transpasser by artist Jonas Gazell. Transpasser is a temporary installation along the roadside of Huddingevägen in Stockholm that will be on display from early dusk until nighttime at Kräpplavägen 13 on Oct 9, 2020. The installation is visible at a distance of 125 meters under the illumination of vehicle headlights and can be experienced by car, bicycle or on foot. Transpassers uses time and space for the benefit of the materialistic properties of the artwork.

Jonas Gazell was born in 1979 in Stockholm and now live and work in Östra Ämtervik. During his adolescene, he frequently walked along the highway between Rågsved and Huddinge, then a relatively unexploited and unremarkable stretch surronded by noise barriers that obscured the horizon. With Defib Art as a platform, a part of Huddingevägen will now serve as an exhibition space.